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  • Why can't I recycle coffee cups in my regular recycling?
    Coffee cups are made with a paper exterior and plastic interior lining to hold the liquid. And this isn't just coffee cups - any type of single-use cup such as soft drink cups or paper smoothie drink cups are the same! Generally, these materials are recyclable if they are separated, however as it is difficult to seperate the paper exterior and the plastic interior most recycling or material facilities will not accept these. If they are found in recycling collections, it will contaminate the recycling collection.
  • Can I recycle regular single-use coffee and tea cups with Simply Cups?
    Regular single-use coffee and tea cups and compostable or biodegradable coffee cups can be recycled with Simply Cups.
  • What happens if I recycle my single-use cups in kerbside recycling?
    If your single-use cup ends up in recycling collections, it will contaminate the whole recycling collection. This generally means that all recyclable items in the collection will also be sent to landfill.
  • What can I recycle with Simply Cups?
    Simply Cups NZ accepts all paper and compostable cups. This includes coffee and take-away soft drink cups. Simply Cups NZ does not accept plastic cups or lids. See more here:
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